Elearn.Nouedu2.Net Login in Nigeria: How to Access Your Login Account

Elearn.nouedu2.net Login – Online learning is really interesting, and you might want to ease the stress of leaving the comfort of your home to go to school each time you want to learn.

Being a student at The National Open University means that you can be a part of the eLearning space. What do you think?

NOUN Learning Space covers all your needs for effective communication, schedules, online courses, and more.

How to Login to Noun Learning Space

As the slogan implies; learn at any place, at your pace, The National Open University has provided this platform to contribute to effective online learning, if you need steps to log in, check below:

1. Using your personal computer, go to any browser.

2. Go to the address bar and type https://mylearningspace.nouedu2.net/user/login to open the learning space website.

Noun learning space

3. Enter your username and password. The initial username is your matric number, and the password is also your matric number, but in lowercase.

4. After that, you will be prompted to change your password. Kindly change it and hit the Save button. Don’t forget to cross-check your email and study centre to ensure that they are accurate.

5. You will then receive a message that you have made changes.

6. Under the My Courses block, click on “Go to Online Services.

7. You will be asked to confirm your login. Enter your username and the password you just created.

8. Finally, You will be logged in to the online learning space.

How Can One Apply for Admission to Noun?

You can’t enjoy the Learning Space platform if you are not a noun student. You could be part of this wonderful experience by applying for admission at Noun.

If you have been dreaming of schooling at Noun, your dreams might just come true. Here are the procedures to apply for admission at Noun:

  • Open your favourite browser like Chrome or Firefox
  • Visit www.nouonline.net
  • Go to the Menu Bar on the Home Page and select Apply for Admission.
  • Choose between the Undergraduate or Postgraduate programmes. Other programmes are not currently accessible.
  • Navigate to “Choose Faculty” (located on the left side of the screen). Choose Faculty
  • Fill up the displayed form
  • View the entrance criteria by clicking the link below.
  • To proceed, click the “Apply” button.
  • Take note of the unique ID presented.
  • Select the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Choose a bank branch as the payment method.
  • Click the “Pay” button.
  • Make a copy of your RRR number and present it to any bank branch for payment.

What are NOUN Application Requirements?

Gaining admission into The National Open University of Nigeria isn’t difficult, if you have the required details, you are ready to kick-start your study right there! Here are the application requirements for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes:

Undergraduate Programmes

If you are interested in running an undergraduate programme in your selected course of study, here are the application requirements:

  • An applicant for undergraduate admission into NOUN is on average expected to have a minimum of 5 O-level credits including Mathematics and English Language.
  • Extra requirements might apply for some programmes and these can be viewed after choosing the Programme and entry level on the Faculty’s admission page.
  • To apply for a programme, select the Faculty, select the programme and entry-level so that the View Requirement button is enabled. Clicking this button will show the corresponding entry requirement and enable the Apply button on the pre-payment application page.
  • Fill in all the remaining details on the admission page before submitting.
  • On a smooth submission of the pre-payment form, you are redirected to Remita to get an RRR invoice which should be used to effect payment for the application form.
  • An applicant who pays online using a bank card will automatically obtain the online form which must be filled out before submission.
  • Applicants who choose to pay through a bank branch must click on “Continue After Payment” and enter their Unique ID and RRR. They are also granted the opportunity to change the Programme applied for.
  • Applicants who had paid using an RRR generated last semester or earlier must restart the application process up to the point when they are re-directed to remita. They should now use the newly generated UniqueID with the old RRR used for payment when they click Proceed after payment.
  • In all cases, a successful payment will lead to the generation of an online application form which should be filled out before submission online. The admission process is automated and the result is virtually instant.

Postgraduate Programmes

1. To be qualified for admission into any of the postgraduate programmes of the University, a candidate must meet, among others, all matriculation requirements of at least 5 credit passes including English Language and Mathematics.

Some programmes accept at least a pass in Mathematics.

2. For Postgraduate Diploma Programmes, Candidates must have either a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in any discipline from a University recognised by the Senate of the NOUN or a H.N.D with a minimum of Lower Credit.

For the Postgraduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting, the candidate must have been called to the Bar.

Candidates with professional qualifications such as ACA, ACIS, ACIB, ACII, ACIA, etc may be considered on individual merit for admission into the School of Business and Human Resource Management Postgraduate Diploma programmes.

3. For Master’s degree programmes, candidates must possess either a bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of second class lower in the relevant field of study from a University recognised by the Senate of the NOUN.

If you have at least 2 years of experience or a diploma in a related field, even if it’s not the highest level, you might still be considered.”

Candidates with membership certificates of relevant professional bodies may apply for the Master of Business (MBA) programme.

4. For PhD programmes, candidates must have a master’s degree in the relevant field of study from a University recognised by the Senate of the NOUN with a minimum score average of not less than 60% or a CGPA of 3.5 on a 5-point scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do NOUN students go for NYSC?

The President, Mr. Buhari, approved a change for NOUN. Now, NOUN graduates can join NYSC and go to Nigerian Law School like graduates from other universities.

Is NOUN admission form out for 2023?

The NOUN 2023/2024 Admission Application and Registration Form is now available. The admission application and registration form for the 2023/2024 admission period have been released by THE National Open University of Nigeria Management.

Is National Open University of Nigeria certificate recognized?

University undergraduates are now eligible to apply for NYSC after graduation. The degree from the National Open University of Nigeria is widely recognized and recognised by law and in the society both inside and outside of Nigeria.

Is NOUN school fees paid per semester or session?

The NOUN charges tuition each semester. The first semester’s tuition is a little more expensive than the second semester’s.

How much is NOUN exam registration?

Depending on the program you are enrolled in and the amount of courses you are taking, the cost of registering for the NOUN exam varies.

How many years does it take to graduate from NOUN?

The NOUN courses and duration of academic disciplines is 4 years. You can, however, choose to run it for a maximum of 8 years if you withdraw from the actual time for genuine reasons.

Does National Open University of Nigeria go on strike?

Dr. Babajide Oyadeyi, Director, Oka- Akoko Community Study Centre, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), has said that the university has never participated in the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike.

Can I enter National Open Univeristy without JAMB?

NOUN does not require JAMB for admission. NOUN is an institution that will assist you in bridging the educational gap even if you are working or have been denied admission through JAMB.

What is the disadvantage of National Open Univerisity?

Of course, due to a lack of experience, such students will be inept. Furthermore, few or no companies hire persons with little experience, making it difficult for a National Open University student to be employed.

How do NOUN students receive lectures?

NOUN online lectures take place on the NOUN Virtual Learning Environment – ELEARN. To participate in the lectures, students must first register for the Virtual Learning Environment.

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