GIFMIS Login: Access Your Login Account

GIFMIS Login – GIFMIS is a federal government of Nigeria financial management system which you might want to see as a reliable basis for budget planning and economic planning.

You have to know that GIFMIS login procedures are not choked up at all, we are going to expose you to how to go about it.

How to Login to GIFMIS

To login to GIFMIS, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Open your device’s app menu and select a fast browser.

2. Kindly visit

3. Input your username and password in the two boxes available.

How to Login to Gifmis- GIFMIS login

4. After that, click ‘Login.

How to Generate Remita GIFMIS Code for FRSC

Check your knowledge of how to create a Remita code before going to the Remita website to finish your payment.

How to obtain the GIFMIS code for the Remita payment process is described in this part. Your smartphone or computer needs to be connected to a reliable internet server.

After that, by following these easy steps, you will easily learn how to generate a Remita code for FRSC payment:

  • Check out the Remita website. In the box that says “Search here for a biller,” type “Federal Road Safety Corps.”
  • Go to “Federal Road Safety Corps” by clicking.
  • You will be sent to the FRSC payment page by the Remita system.
  • Select “Offence” from the list of service names and purposes.
  • Correctly complete the form by selecting the appropriate offence, selecting a payment option, entering the number plate number of your car, the ticket number, the registration number, etc.
  • Verify your information and tick the “I am not a robot” box.
  • The FRSC Remita payment code will be generated automatically by the system.

You have two options for making payments: you can either do it at the bank or online. If you choose to pay online, you’ll receive a receipt via email as confirmation.

It’s important to note that generating a GIFMIS Remita code on your own is not possible unless you have proper authorization from the government.

To make an online payment, you’ll need to obtain the GIFMIS code, which is required for completing transactions through the Remita channel. If this code isn’t provided on your ticket or invoice, it’s crucial to reach out to your local FRSC department for assistance in obtaining it.

What Are the Benefits of GIFMIS?

The ultimate goal is to implement for the FGN a computerised financial management information system that is efficient, effective, and user-friendly, and that:

1. Increases the FGN’s ability to conduct central control and monitoring of MDA expenditure and receipts.

2. Improves access to financial and operational performance information.

3. Increases internal controls to prevent and identify fraud, both potential and actual.

4. Improves access to information about the government’s cash condition and economic performance.

5. A Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) improves medium-term planning.

6. Allows you to understand the expenses of groups of activities and tasks.

7. Improves the organization’s ability to demonstrate accountability and transparency to the public and working partners.

What is the Purpose of GIFMIS?

The introduction of GIFMIS serves the purpose of aiding the Federal Government of Nigeria in enhancing the management, performance, and outcomes of Public Financial Management (PFM).

This project’s immediate goal is to establish a budget that can be effectively executed as planned. It addresses crucial weaknesses in public financial management, including:

  • Ensuring the budget is approved before the commencement of the financial year.
  • Creating a budget based on realistic forecasts of available cash.
  • Establishing effective cash management practices by reducing the number of bank accounts within Treasury and MDAs, which currently hinders efficient control. The lack of cash forecasting exacerbates the issue, leading to inefficient and unanticipated borrowing.
  • Fostering integration between various financial management functions and processes. For instance, structuring the budget in a way that facilitates smooth budget execution through the chart of accounts.

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