GOtv Login: Access Your Cable Television Account

GOtv Login – Multichoice has been keeping us entertained through GOtv. Not all cable television products are difficult to afford when it comes to subscriptions.

If you have found DStv subscriptions very high, GOtv is here at an affordable set, you might want to go get one at the store.

To manage your decoder and GOtv account, you have to log in, therefore we are going to show you the steps.

How Can One Login to GOtv?

GOtv has created a deliberate avenue called self-service to help subscribers manage their accounts. Here are the steps to log in:

1. Go to your device app menu and select a browser.

2. Go to the address box and type

3. Choose your country.

4. Enter your surname or mobile. Any information you enter should match up with what you registered your decoder with.

5. Input your IUC or smartcard number. you can find this number under your decoder or you navigate to ‘General information when you press ‘OK on your remote.

6. If you don’t want to input details all over again when next you visit the site, kindly tick the white box close to ‘Remember Me

7. After that, Kindly click on ‘SIGN IN on the screen box to successfully log in.

How Can One Login to GOtv

How to Activate Your GOtv

If you just newly purchased a GOtv set, containing both the antenna and the decoder, you have to activate it to start enjoying all kinds of entertainment. Below are the steps to activate:

1. Still on the sign-in page. Scroll down and click ‘ACTIVATE NOW

2. Select your city

3. Input your IUC or smartcard number. you can find this number under your decoder or you navigate to ‘General information when you press ‘OK on your remote.

4. Input your Phone number. Please ensure that the correct Customer’s Mobile Number is used.

5. Input Agent ID

6. Tick the white box if you agree to GOtv subscriber terms and conditions.

7. Click ‘ACTIVATE NOW to finally activate your GOtv

How to Activate Your GOtv

How Do You Restore All Channels on Your GOtv?

GOtv channels can be reset via the menu on your remote control. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • On your remote, press the “Menu” button.
  • Advanced Options” should be selected.
  • Then click the “Installation” button.
  • Choose “Tuning”.
  • Then, choose “Automatic Scan” and click the “OK” button.
  • Once scanning is complete, press the exit button on the remote.

This should get your subscribed channels back online. Do not interrupt the scanning process while it is still running.

How do I Check my GOtv Subscription Balance?

Here’s how you may check your GOTV balance:

1. Navigate to your phone’s SMS menu.

2. Enter “balance,” followed by a space, the IUC number or smart card number, and then forward to 4688.

3. You will receive a response with the information you require.

GOtv Login Requirements

Here are the GOTV login requirements you should be aware of before logging in to your account:

1. Make sure you have a smartphone or tablet, as well as a laptop or PC.

2. Ascertain that you have a competent browser and an internet connection.

3. Access the correct GOTV Login URL.

4. Select your country

5. Enter your surname, mobile number, and IUC/Smartcard number.

After providing the information indicated above, you should have no trouble logging in to your account.

What Are the Benefits of GOtv?

Some of the advantages of GOTV are as follows:

1. Jolli offers low-cost entertainment with flexible payment choices that fit your schedule.

2. Get GOTV Jinja for sports and fantastic TV on crystal clear 24/7.

3. A Supa-sized GOTV adventure.

4. The GOTV Max package provides the most entertainment value.

5. These are some of the advantages of GOTV that you should be aware of.

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