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You are cordially invited to visit another instructive page of this website. This article is solely about the KWASU Portal. So I’ll tell you all you need to know about the portal. 

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What is KWASU Portal?

This is a web page on the official website of Kwara State University that gives access and links to other pages where prospective and returning students of the university can register accounts or log in to complete academic duties.

Students at the university can use the portal to register for semester courses, pay fees, check results, access admission lists or statuses, and print transcripts, among other things. 

Later in this piece, I’ll go over the several things you may do on the student portal and how to do them. So keep reading…

My KWASU Portal Login

My KWASU Portal login is the initial step in using the school portal’s various services. However, prospective and returning students must first create an account with KWASU by signing up through the online portal. 

They can join up for new accounts or regain their existing login details if they have forgotten them. 

Students are consequently urged to store their login information in their Gmail accounts so that they do not lose them.

Parameters You Need to Login to KWASU Portal

The requirements required to access your portal account are determined by your status. 

In other words, it depends on whether you are an aspirant, an undergraduate, a postgraduate, or a member of the faculty. So…

  • An aspirant’s JAMB registration number and password are required.
  • A KWASU matriculation number and password would be required for an undergraduate student.
  • A postgraduate student’s PG registration number and password are required.
  • A staff member would need his staff ID and login information.

How to Login to KWASU Student Portal 

The KWASU site is now live and accessible to all university students, both new and returning. To access your KWASU Student Portal account, you will need your login, password, and an active Internet connection. 

As a result, you do not need to visit a cyber cafe or business center to access the portal. You can do it from the comfort of your own home or hostel using your phone.

If you want to access the Student Portal account, simply follow the procedures below:

  • Launch the Chrome or Firefox browser app on your phone.
  • Copy and paste into the browser’s web address bar.
  • Enter your Username and Password on the next page that loads. You used the same username and password when you registered.
  • Finally, click Login to gain access to the KWASU Student Portal.

Note that you can only follow the above steps to login to your KWASU student portal if you already have an account. Otherwise, you will receive a prompt to create an account.

To create a new account, you will need to enter your JAMB registration number if you are a fresh student or your KWASU matric number if you have one. 

You also need a functional email address for your username and password verification.

Enter the required information and follow the prompt to create an account.

What You Can Do on Your KWASU Student Portal Account

There are numerous things you can and should do as a student through the KWASU Student portal. But first, you must properly register for an account on the platform.

You can perform any of the following after making an account and entering into your KWASU student portal…

  • Change Password
  • Update Student Profile Details
  • Confirm Admission Status
  • Get Acceptance Fee Invoice
  • Pay Acceptance Fee
  • Reprint Acceptance Letter
  • Get School Fees Invoice
  • Pay School Fees
  • Reprint School Fees or View Previous School Fees
  • Apply for Hostel Accommodation
  • Register New Courses and Check Previous Courses Registered
  • Register Professional Exams
  • Generate Handbook
  • Pay Convocation Levy
  • Direct Entry Verification
  • View Results
  • View Clearance

Remember that you may achieve all of this without the help of business centers or cyber café personnel. All you need is a good smartphone with Internet access to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the KWASU website?

The official website of KWASU is

How do I log into my KWASU portal?

Please go to to access the KWASU student portal. In the given area, enter your registered email address and password. To confirm your KWASU admission status, click the LOGIN button.

How do I pay for my KWASU portal?

Clicking “Make Payment” on the payment review page will lead you to the payment page where you can enter your credit card information. To complete your payment, enter the “OTP code” that was delivered to your phone and click continue. Click “Login to dashboard” to finish your registration.

What is the login ID on the KWASU portal?

Your registration email address will function as the username, and your surname will serve as the password, for your next login.

How much is the KWASU school fees?

Kwara State University, Ilorin’s current school fees range from ₦99,500 to ₦200,000 for new students and ₦109,500 to ₦210,000 for returning students. For new students, you must verify the department fees on the school’s official website.

Does KWASU have a hostel?

This is to inform all newly admitted students that the hostel price is now accessible on the School site; if you wish to stay in the school hostel, you must book and pay on time before all available dorms are fully occupied.

Can I enter KWASU without JAMB?

NB: Only applicants, who have chosen or changed to Kwara State University through JAMB and whose details appear on the University profile on the JAMB CAPS will be considered for admission.

Does KWASU use JAMB?

In general, applicants to Kwara State University Ilorin must have a decent JAMB and O’ level result.

How much is KWASU registration?

Candidates must pay a one-time fee of two thousand naira (2,000.00). For the instructions about how to pay it, Go to and click the “Click here to apply” button.

Is the form out for 2023?

KWASU Admission Form 2023 is now available. Candidates can use the platform to apply for the Kwara State University, Ilorin 2023/2024 admission screening form.

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