Mailchimp Login: How to Access Your Email Marketing Account

Mailchimp Login – You can easily market your product using Mailchimp. Interestingly, Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform with everything that it takes to push your sales high.

If you want to manage and convert more customers for your business through email marketing, advertising campaigns and landing pages, you could start using Mailchimp today.

How Can One Login to Mailchimp?

Mailchimp login steps are not complex, the only thing you need is the right address and you are good to go. To log in to Mailchimp, follow the steps below:

1. Select a fast browser on your phone.

2. kindly visit

3. Input your username or email and password. To show your password to be sure that it’s correct, kindly tap the eye symbol on top of the password box.

4. If you want to remain logged in so that you won’t have to put your details when next you visit the address, tick the box.

5. Click Log in’ to finally access your Mailchimp account.

How Can One Log in to Mailchimp - Mailchimp Login

How to Grant Agency Access to Mailchimp?

An agency will send a request from their own account if they need access to your Mailchimp account.

An email will be sent in response to this request to the address listed as the account owner’s. Follow these steps to view and approve an agency request to link accounts.

1. Open the agency access request email in your email client.

2. View Request should be clicked.

Sign in to the Mailchimp account that you want the agency to have access to. You may need to switch accounts if you are currently logged in.

3. Select the highest level of access for the entire agency. Remember that their degree of access may restrict what they can accomplish in your account. A user with Manager level access, for example, can develop and amend campaigns but not billing information.

4. Click the Grant Access button.

How to Grant Agency Access to Mailchimp

You can withdraw or amend their responsibilities at any moment after you allow them access.

Why Do You Need to Give Access to Mailchimp?

Many small businesses opt to engage an agency or freelance professional to oversee their email marketing efforts through Mailchimp. In such cases, it’s necessary to provide your marketing agency with access to your Mailchimp account.

This process of granting access to your account doesn’t consume a user slot from your plan, and it eliminates the need to disclose your login credentials.

In instances where you collaborate with an agency possessing its own Mailchimp account, they must initiate a ‘connect accounts’ request in order to gain access to your account.

Does Mailchimp Have an App?

The mobile app for Mailchimp makes it simple to manage your account while on the road.

Directly from your mobile device, you can create and amend campaigns, monitor account activity, send and reply to Inbox messages, examine reports, and add new contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the username and password for Mailchimp SMTP?

You have the flexibility to utilize any currently active API key as your SMTP password for your account. Because the API key provides ample authentication, Mailchimp doesn’t rely on the SMTP username for this purpose.

However, it is advisable to employ the primary contact email associated with your Mailchimp account as the username.

Is Mailchimp free to use?

The Mailchimp Free Marketing plan is ideal for beginners looking to grow their audience and explore Mailchimp’s tools. It provides the essential features to kickstart your marketing efforts, with a limit of 500 contacts and 1,000 monthly sends, capped at 500 sends per day.

Does Mailchimp use your email address?

Mailchimp would use either or as the From domain. This ensures alignment with the sending domain, increasing the chance of passing DMARC checks.

Why use Mailchimp instead of Gmail?

The primary distinction between Gmail and Mailchimp is that Mailchimp plans and specifications are based on the number of total connections you have, whereas Gmail has no contact constraints. Mailchimp limits the number of emails you can send based on the number of contacts you have.

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