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Nasims Login – The National Social Investment Program of Nigeria is a social welfare initiative established in 2015 by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the supervision of the National Social Investment Office.

The Program was established to ensure more equal resource distribution to vulnerable populations such as children, youth, and women.

You can quickly log in to the portal using your phone or another mobile device. All you have to do to log in once the portal is open is enter your password and NASIMS portal ID.

How to Login to NASIMS Portal

The NASIMS consists of different programs including N-POWER, NHGSFP, GEEP, and CCT. After logging into the NASIMS portal, you can move to whichever program you want. These are the steps to log in to the NASIMS portal:

1. Launch your internet browser and go to either or

2. A dropdown menu will emerge. Find Npower in the menu and choose it by clicking on the circular option beside it.

3. Afterward, click on the ‘continue’ button.

4. You will be directed to a login screen, where you should input your email and password to enter the platform.

The enhanced portal will offer more transparent information about the operations of the NSIP program.

How Can One Login to N-Power?

Among all the programs under NASIMS, N-power happens to be the most followed. I’m sure you won’t want to stop reading if you haven’t seen details on N-Power. If you don’t know how to log in to N-power, kindly follow these steps:

  • Log in at ng
  • select “login”
  • Utilize the “Forgot Password” feature.
  • Choose either the N-POWER application email or the N-POWER application ID and provide the relevant details.
  • Simply select “Reset Password”
  • Enter a new password, then click “Continue”
  • Enter your N-POWER application ID or email and newly established password to log in.
  • Please log in to update your record when your password has been successfully reset.

How to Register For N-Power

N-power has been changing lives for good. Registering for N-power enables us to get a job easily from the federal government of Nigeria.

N-power batch C is over and you just have to be ready for the next. Here are the steps to register:

1. Visit the website to submit an application.

2. Name and email address should be entered in the spaces given.

3. Look for the activation link in your email.

4. Choose the Npower Teach, Agro, Build, Health, or Tax program of your choice.

5. Enter your bio information during registration and upload the required files.

6. Select Register.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Social Investment Program (N-Power)?

N-Power is a social safety net program of the Federal Government of Nigeria. It provides employment opportunities, skills training, and financial support to young Nigerians. Launched in 2016, it has benefited millions of Nigerians.

How can I apply for N-Power?

You can apply for N-Power through the N-Power website. The application process is open to all eligible Nigerians. To be eligible for N-Power, you must be a Nigerian citizen between the ages of 18 and 35, unemployed or underemployed.

What are the benefits of participating in N-Power?

The benefits of participating in N-Power vary depending on the component you are selected for, but some include: A monthly stipend. Training and development opportunities. The opportunity to gain work experience.

What are the challenges of N-Power?

N-Power has faced a number of challenges, including: A lack of funding. A lack of coordination between different components of the program. A lack of transparency and accountability. N-power would work towards this.

What is the future of N-Power?

The future of N-Power is uncertain. The program has been criticized for its lack of impact and its high cost, but the government has pledged to continue the program and to make it more effective.

What are the objectives of social investment?

The objectives of social investment are to: Reduce poverty and inequality. Create jobs and stimulate the economy. Improve the quality of life for Nigerians. Promote social inclusion and cohesion.

What are the benefits of social investment?

The benefits of social investment include: Reduced poverty and inequality. Increased employment and economic growth. Improved quality of life for Nigerians. Enhanced social inclusion and cohesion.

What are the challenges of social investment?

The challenges of social investment include: The need for adequate funding. The need for effective implementation. The need to monitor and evaluate the impact of the program. If the program is disorganized, It might lack relevancy.

What is the future of social investment?

The future of social investment is uncertain, but it is a promising approach to addressing poverty and inequality in Nigeria. With adequate funding and effective implementation, social investment can make a significant difference in the lives of millions of Nigerians.

How can I contribute to social investment?

There are a number of ways to contribute to social investment: Donate to social investment programs. Volunteer your time to social investment programs. Advocate for social investment policies.

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