National Population Commission Portal: How to Apply for NPC 2023

National Population Commission Portal – The National Population Commission Recruitment 2023 has begun. To apply, go to and search for 2023 NPC Adhoc Staff recruitment.

In this post, you may get the NPC Recruitment form 2023 and the application requirements.

The National Population Commission is looking for ad hoc census workers. To register for the recruitment, interested applicants should visit the NPC recruitment website at

This is an excellent chance for anyone interested in working for the government. You can apply for NPC 2023 recruitment right now. The NPC site is now live; go to and begin your application right away.

The purpose of NPC Online recruiting is to hire qualified personnel who will aid in the effective completion of the June 2023 trial census.

They want individuals who are willing and capable of completing a variety of tasks as specified by the National Population Commission.

Most importantly, applying for NPC recruiting 2023 is free. Take notice of this if you want to apply for a position with the National Population Commission (NPC). The application form is available online at the NPC recruitment portal.

The NPC 2023 recruiting form is now accessible, and the recruitment process has begun at

According to credible sources, NPC has begun a huge recruitment exercise, after which the portal will be open and applications will be processed. As of the time of writing this article, no closing date has been given.

NPC Recruitment 2023 Requirements

Applicants must be familiar with the census document as well as the entire census procedure, including document organization. For those who are unaware, you will be schooled in all of this. The basic needs are shown below.

A B.Sc. or Masters’ Degree in any related discipline from an approved Tertiary Institution, or an HND in a relevant course in any field of study.

In addition, having a strong understanding of computers and their fundamental applications to use for work and proper delivery of various tasks as required by the organization is required.

Please keep in mind that the NPC recruitment form is currently available. As soon as the form is available, we will update this page. Simply go to the NPC Recruitment Portal at and fill out the form for 2023.

Facts to Know About NPC Recruitment

NPC stands for National Population Commission. It is a Federal Agency with numerous duties in the government, and as such, it must hire new employees on a regular basis.

When NPC begins recruiting, information will be made available to the general public to keep them informed.

The National Population Commission (NPC) has declared unequivocally on the website that recruitment into the agency is transparent and fully free of charge.

This means that if you have the necessary credentials, you should be able to participate in the recruitment process.

How to Apply for NPC Recruitment 2023

To apply for this position, go to and fill out the application form.

Also, keep checking this page for further instructions and information on the status of your application. The application period will end on June 7th, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete my NPC application online?

To begin, click the Start Application button and then choose Start as ad-hoc personnel. Second, check each box to acknowledge the instructions before clicking the proceed button. Accept the terms and conditions before proceeding. Enter your NIN in the required column and press the verify button.

What is the closing date for NPC application?

The deadline for NPC recruiting is Wednesday, December 28, 2022. Interested candidates must submit their application form on or before the application deadline. 

How to check NPC application status 2023 2024?

Navigate to the NPC Adhoc Recruitment Portal, which can be found at Enter your Application ID to “Check your Application Status.”

How much is NPC salary?

The NPC stated that the main payment for NPC ad hoc workers will be paid after the census is completed. Depending on the position, the typical basic or main remuneration for each census functionary ranges from N50,000 to N250,000.

What are the requirements for NPC birth certificate in Nigeria?

Age Declaration Affidavit (from High Court), a valid ID (NIN, International passport, Driver’s license), 2 current passport images, and duly completed NPC form A (by Self) or B (by proxy) are required for processing a Birth Attestation Letter in Nigeria.

How much is NPC birth certificate in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, how much does a birth certificate cost? It is free if the child’s parents apply for it and collect it within 60 days of the child’s birth. Individuals over the age of 18 must pay N100 for application forms and N2,500 for the attestation document.

How will I know if my NPC application is approved?

Fill in your NPC application code and click “PROCESSED.” If your application has been authorized, you will see the message “application status is approved.” If it is still outstanding, the status will be “pending.”

Is NPC a permanent job?

The NPC stated that those desiring to be involved must view their enlistment as a summons to national duty rather than a permanent career, but they will be highly rewarded.

Where can I get NPC birth certificate?

For the official one, you must go to an NPC branch in your local government region. Only the National Population Commission’s report qualifies. Furthermore, a birth certificate is free if acquired within sixty days of the occurrence.

How do you join the NPC?

Each calendar year, membership runs from January 1st to December 31st. Competitors should register with the NPC online at to obtain immediate membership. Copy your membership card to your phone, and you can also print a copy to bring with you to check-in.

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