Primus Login: How to Access Your Internet Banking Profile

Primus Login – Primus is a new Access Bank setup which you would love to know about if you are already an Access Bank customer.

If you have never seen a complete banking suite that makes transactions convenient for your business, then Primus is just that suite!

If you already have already enrolled on Primus, then we are going to show you Primus login steps, just in case you had a login issue.

How to Login to Primus

Internet banking is very convenient and stressful, you definitely can’t be in doubt if you have experienced Internet banking, from making smooth transactions to using chat channels, it’s really amazing. Here are the steps to log in to Primus:

1. Open a browser on your phone

2. Go to the address bar and type

3. Enter your username and password. To view your password to be sure that it is correct, kindly click on the eye symbol behind.

4. To unlock your account if it was locked, click ‘Unlock Account on the bottom left of the password space. If you forgot your password, click ‘Forgot Password at the bottom right of the password space to work on it.

5. Click ‘LOGIN on the orange plate to finally access your Primus account!

How to Login to Primus - Primus login

Primus Corporate Registration

Primus is very suitable for our businesses and it grows it. Registering on Primus shouldn’t be a difficult task, therefore, the steps are listed below:

1. Open your browser and go

2. Enter your company name.

3. Input your company address. Make sure the address matches with what is on the company’s bank account.

4. Put down contact person

5. Select the branch where the account was domiciled.

6. Enter your position in the company

7. Click ‘Next

What Are the Benefits of Primus?

Enrolling on Primus comes with a lot of benefits. Apart from internet banking features, Primus has other things to offer. Here are Primus’s benefits:

1. Enhance your decision-making and execution by gaining improved visibility and control over your cash position.

2. Streamline your transaction banking services by integrating them, allowing for optimal allocation of funds and minimizing funding charges.

3. Ensure that your defined user rights and process workflows align smoothly with your organization’s established business rules and policies.

4. Gather supplementary information, such as consolidated balances spanning accounts and various banks, to bolster reporting capabilities.

Primus Card Services

The Card Services module provides corporate customers with the following capabilities:

  • Requesting single or bulk cards
  • Blocking of card
  • Setting limits on card
  • Loading funds onto the card
  • Viewing card transactions.

What is Primus Collection Module?

The collections module empowers you to efficiently manage your receivables, optimizing working capital management.

It covers a range of collection methods, including cash, cheque, and invoice collection, and leverages alternate channels like POS and web payment gateways. With this solution, you can:

  • Enable your customers to make payments directly into your account, with real-time access to transaction details from your office.
  • Offer multiple deposit options to your customers, allowing for cash, cheque, and card transactions. These deposits can be made on-site, through your website, or at any Access Bank branch.
  • Customize, edit, and share reports to align with your specific workflow requirements.
  • Access an integrated collections monitoring and reporting tool, providing insights into sales data segmented by collection channels.
  • Integrate your website collections with a solution that accepts card payments from all processors currently operational in Nigeria through an aggregated card payment gateway (CIPG). This ensures convenient and wide payment options for your customers.

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