Skrill Login Nigeria: How to Access Your Payment Account

Skrill Login – To be able to make online payments, send money and receive money from overseas, Skrill has got something to show for that.

There is no need to check too much for financial tech apps when Skrill is just here. If you suddenly lost interest in using Skrill because you had issues logging in, you’re going to be shown the steps on how to log in here.

How Can One Login to Skrill?

Skrill login steps are easy to follow if you pay good attention to details. To be able to utilize this wonderful fintech app, here are the steps to log in:

1. Open your browser and go to

2. You can change language on the top right if you are not comfortable with English.

How Can One Login to Skrill?

3. Input your email and password. Make sure the details are correct. To view the password, click on the ‘eye’ symbol on the right

4. Click on Login.

5. You are now set to use Skrill.

How to Sign Up on Skrill

If you want to register on Skrill and start transacting, Kindly follow the steps below:

1. Kindly select a browser on your device’s app menu. Make sure you choose a fast browser.

2. Kindly go to your address box and type

3. When the page opens, don’t forget to select which language you prefer on the top right.

4. Input your first and last name.

5. Select your country, automatically the currency will change.

6. Input your email and choose a strong password.

7. Tick on get offers from selected Skrill partners. Accept the terms and conditions after reading it and click on ‘Register’

How To Transfer Money on Skrill

With Skrill, you have the capability to globally transfer funds across 40 different currencies with expertise.

You can direct it to a bank account, mobile wallet, or email address, depending on your preference. To initiate a transfer, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Skrill Money Transfer page.
  • Specify the desired amount and the recipient’s country.
  • A real-time currency conversion rate sourced from Reuters will be displayed, without any hidden markups.
  • Depending on the recipient’s location, you can send funds to their bank account or wallet.
  • Click the ‘Get Started’ button on the registration page.
  • Input your email, password, and personal information (first and last name, date of birth, and contact details).
  • Your provided information will be stored and displayed on the screen.
  • An option to edit the transfer details is available.
  • Then, click ‘Continue’ to automatically open a free Skrill account for you.
  • Confirm whether you’re sending money to yourself or someone else, and provide the recipient’s name, bank account, or mobile number.
  • Upon completion of the transfer, select from the available payment options.

What are the Features of Skrill?

Skrill is very convenient and has got some cool features. You have to know what this platform is comprised of before you create an account. Here are the

1. Using this platform, users can conduct fee-free transactions within the system. When sending money directly to a bank account, there are no associated transfer fees.

2. You can use the calculator to estimate your savings by opting for Skrill’s complimentary transfer service. For cash deposits, both Visa and MasterCard are accepted worldwide.

3. Sending money to an international bank account through Skrill’s money transfer service incurs no additional charges.

4. You can seamlessly buy and sell cryptocurrency, converting between 40 different fiat currencies and popular digital assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, XRP, and OX.

5. This platform facilitates swift and seamless money transfers, and all that’s needed is an email address, with a nominal fee of only 1.45%.

6. Skrill users enjoy exclusive Skrill offers, which are regularly updated, providing easy access to a diverse range of merchants’ deals, bonuses, and promotions.

7. You have round-the-clock access to your funds, and the secure Skrill app ensures you can manage your account securely whenever and wherever you need it.”

How Can You Contact Skrill Customer Care?

Having issues with every fintech app you have come across is inevitable. There is always room to contact the care representatives. Here are the channels:

1. Chat with the Skrill bot for instant 24/7 support

2. Send a message through the Skrill website

3. Call +44 203 308 2519 – available 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

4. Head to the Skrill Support page and search ‘contact’ to find these options and more information.

Does Skrill Have an App?

Skrill does have a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. The Skrill app allows users to send and receive payments, manage their accounts, and access various features such as instant transfers and card purchases.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store to get started.

Does Skrill Work in Nigeria for International Transactions?

Yes, you can use Skrill for international transactions. The site allows you to deposit from a card, send USD to other users, trade, withdraw, and acquire digital assets.

Skrill is free to open and maintain regardless of account type. However, in order to use Skrill Business, you must be a registered business entity or sole proprietor.

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